Purchasing and selling an old vehicle can be a budget-friendly option for many people. The costs of getting them are comparatively much lower than any brand-new vehicle. But buying secondhand cars comes with a plethora of risks, and only experts can deal with the car buyers. If you are not an expert, you will likely end up getting scammed in your purchase. Identifying the car’s history and owner’s background while buying any automobile is the most essential part.

One of the biggest risks in buying an encumbered vehicle is being the possession seized if the instalments are not paid, and this blog is a complete guide to eliminate any risks of buying one. Find the encumbered vehicles meaning and the drawbacks of buying these cars.

What Is an Encumbered Car?

An encumbered vehicle has pending finance on it. This means the cars are bought on loans, which have yet to be repaid.

Buying a vehicle on loan is different, as the loan in an encumbered vehicle applies to the car and not its buyer. The vehicle itself is encumbered no matter who the owner is, and it will remain the same until the complete loan has been paid off. Therefore, encumbered meaning cannot fit in line with the usual vehicles that are bought on finance.

The most common example would be if someone takes out a car loan from any financial institution and uses that vehicle as collateral. If the person defaults on repayments, the financial institution takes the car as payment.

How To Know If the Car is Encumbered?

The first thing to do is ask the vehicle owner if the car is encumbered. There are many other ways to get more reassurance and genuine information about the vehicle’s authenticity. The most reliable way to get a free encumbered check is to conduct a PPSR inspection. This will either cost you nothing or a few dollars to get the right information about the vehicle.

PPSR check indicates that a car is free from financial issues and encumbrance. It is always a good idea to keep the PPSR documents with you. If you are selling your vehicle, you will have valid proof to show that it has no encumbrance when you bought it.

What’s The Issue with Buying an Encumbered Car?

It is not necessarily risky to buy an encumbered vehicle. There are situations where these vehicles might be a good deal. It is very important to make an informed decision while buying a car. Many people will entertain the risks if they like the vehicle. Sometimes, the rareness and uniqueness made people buy an encumbered car without the fear of the transaction being risky.

The issue with encumbered cars is that the creditors can repossess them if the new owner does not pay the instalments. As a new owner, the instalment payment becomes their responsibility, but it only comes into complete possession once the loan is paid off. The car will be taken, and you will be left without the money you paid or the vehicle. There are no refunds from the previous owner, nor can legal action be taken against them.

How to Buy an Encumbered Car?

Buying an encumbered vehicle is the same as buying a normal car; except there are some additional steps one must take care of when it comes to having an encumbered vehicle on board.

  • Ask The Owner About Financing

If the car owner has an open brief about the vehicle financing details, the transaction can be genuine and worth going for. In case the car owners hide the information, it is better to go for any other vehicle. To stay safe, ask the seller to provide you with the payout letter from the financing company so you can confirm the outstanding balance on the vehicle.

A detailed conversation on the loan payments is important with the seller. It is better to find out if the seller is willing to clear out the outstanding amount on the vehicle or if he is willing to sell the car and pay out the instalments through the sale proceeds.

  • Do A PPSR Check

The personal property security register is a government database for all personal property used as security against the loan. The vehicle identification number and the registration details can get you a report in Australia. This can help you identify the vehicle’s status and save you from losing money on an encumbered car.

  • Negotiate the Sale Process

The seller intending to sell a vehicle with outstanding loan payments usually looks out for the buyer who can repay their loan. However, there is no guarantee that your money is saved and the car owner will not just run away with it. Suppose you are interested in buying an encumbered car. In that case, it is important to document the transaction and finalize the offer in the office of the seller’s financing company or in the bank. This can secure your hard-earned money.

The Bottom Line 

Encumbered cars come with associated risks that cannot be taken for granted. A huge amount of money is involved in the transaction that no one would be willing to lose. The least security in the transaction makes it riskier.

However, there are ways to stay safe from fraud and scams, and informed decisions can help.

For those looking to sell their encumbered cars for cash, reputable cash-for-cars Gold Coast services can provide a hassle-free solution.



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