What You Need to Know About How To Sell A Car For Scrap

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Letting go of an old car can be difficult sometimes. The strong attachment to the car that your family has been using for decades is only natural.

But there comes a time when this car needs more money in maintenance than its total worth. And that’s when you need to start thinking seriously about sell my car Adelaide option.

Even if your vehicle is in the worst condition and has good mileage, the car can still get you good cash. The reason is that your vehicle has many valuable metals which you can sell as scrap metal. Some items that you can sell are car engines, panels, doors, frames, or rims, among other parts.

How to Sell My Car Adelaide for Cash

If you are wondering about how to sell my scrap car, worry not. Selling a car is not a cumbersome process.

Whichever car-buying company you choose, the process of selling a car for cash would look something like the following:

  • Do some research about the companies and determine which suits your needs.
  • Request quotes and then compare the offered prices.
  • Agree to the offer you like.
  • Schedule a time for car pickup.
  • Transfer the car title to the company.
  • Receive the most cash for your unwanted car.
  • Say goodbye as the pickup team tows your car away.

Selling A Car: What Are Your Options

When selling a car, it’s obvious that every car owner wants to maximize their profits. Your car may be totally wrecked or still in working condition. You still have a few options that you can explore.

Here’s what you can do with your car:

Sell the Car for Parts

No matter the condition of your car, you can always sell it for money in the form of parts. Someone out there somewhere is looking for the car parts your vehicle has. So, if you want to get rid of it quickly, search for cash for unwanted cars gold coast.

You can use our sell my scrap car fast offer for this purpose or sell it for parts on your own.

Scrap the Car for Cash

If your car is non-runner and non-roadworthy, there is still a place for it in a scrap yard. They will pick up your unwanted vehicle free of cost and scrap it for metals.

What Are the Best Metals to Scrap

Curious about what are the metals in your scrap car? Here is a quick overview of the metals in a vehicle:


It is an important element in a car that is recyclable and converted into newer car parts. If you are going to sell your vehicle for scrap metal, check the aluminum present in your car.

Aluminum has exceptional corrosion resistance, so it can be infused with other materials. Moreover, aluminum doesn’t get rusted, unlike other ferrous metals.


A car’s body mostly consists of steel. A few car parts, like grills and bumpers, are made of plastic or rubber. However, frames, trunks, hoods, and car doors usually consist of steel.

Palladium and Platinum

These are rare metals but are usually found in cars. You will find these scrap metals most likely in the catalytic converter of your vehicle.

The metals help in CO2 gas emissions and keep the pollution low while your engine is running. A better quality catalytic converter means your car will have more expensive metals in it. So, you can make more money by selling the car.

Sell my car Adelaide



A car has copper in it, which is a valuable scrap metal, so while selling a car, keep a look out for it. It is a pure metal, so you can get a pretty good deal by selling your Scrap Cars Brisbane.

Copper is used in car alternators, batteries, starters, car safety systems, car computers, radiators, and electrical wiring.


Iron is also a popular material used in car manufacturing. It is often used as a replacement because of its durability and reasonable cost. Heavily weighted iron is used less in modern vehicles, but many old models still have engines with iron cores.


Magnesium has gained a lot of popularity since the 1970s. This metal is easier to work than aluminum and is lighter and stronger than steel. This metal, therefore, provides a middle ground between steel and carbon fiber.


This metal is strong, extremely lightweight, and resistant to corrosion (both weather and chemical). But this material is hard to manufacture, which is why it’s used sparingly in exhaust systems of high-end vehicles.

It is used to improve the durability and reduce the overall weight of luxury sports cars such as Porche.

All of the metals mentioned above are highly recyclable, which increases their demand in the market.

What To Remove From Your Car Before Selling

When looking to sell my car Adelaide for scrap, what’s most valuable is the metal part of the vehicle, which means that all the other elements can be taken out and sold separately.

These non-metal parts are of no use to any scrap metal recyclers and will go to waste, so why not sell them to an online marketplace?

Materials that can be easily sold online include:


– Stereo

– Rims

– Tyres

– Car Battery

– Doors

– Windows

– Mirrors

– Electrical Parts

Sell Your Car To A Licensed Car Buyer

There are many car buyers in the market, but finding a reliable one can be tough. So always choose one that is licensed to deal with end-of-life vehicles, and always check reviews before selling your car.

Moreover, every car owner should know that you can return the number plate and receive a refund on the remaining registration period.

If you keep all of these tips in mind you will surely receive the highest cash in return and experience hassle-free car selling.

Stay in touch with SA’s leading car buyer’s blog for more car-selling tips.

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