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Au Cash For Cars Gold Coast  is a professional vehicle wrecker that offers top cash up to $11,000 for all types of vehicles. We provide customers with an easy way to sell their cars and we remove your vehicle for FREE.

Contact us today and reliably sell car for cash gold coast.

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Sell Your Car Near Gold Coast With Au Cash For Cars

The  service help you every step of the way and provide you with fast, trustworthy, and professional car selling services in Gold Coast.

  • All the necessary paperwork provided
  • Fast payments without delay
  • FREE car collection in Gold Coast
  • Highest prices for your scrap vehicles
  • Instant no-obligation online quote
  • Online customer support available

Ring us today and earn up to $11,000 in instant cash and FREE car towing service.

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    Reasons For Selling Your Vehicle

    There are many reasons why car owners would like to sell their old vehicles. Some common reasons include:

    Sell your car in Gold-coast can be a daunting task. But we try to make the whole process as hassle-free as possible for our customers. Our process just involves few simple steps, and when followed, these steps can help you sell your car within 24 hours.

    • Fill our online form and receive a FREE quote within minutes.
    • Book a car inspection with our customer service team so we can visit your location, inspect the vehicle and make an offer for the car.
    • Once you have agreed to the offer, we will provide you with the necessary paperwork to transfer the vehicle’s title to us.
    • After signing the papers, sell my car gold coast will hand over to you cash up to $11,000 instantly without any delay. And tow your car away for FREE.

    To receive competitive prices for your vehicle, call us.

    What Types Of Cars Do We Purchase?

    Sell car gold coast knows that all the vehicles have value. That’s why our aim in accordance with Queensland’s waste management and resource recovery strategy, to reuse and recycle most of the components of the cars in an eco-friendly way. Therefore we purchase vehicles in a variety of conditions and use them for scrap metals and auto parts.

    Here are few conditions of vehicles we buy:

    • Damaged cars
    • Non-running cars
    • Non-roadworthy vehicles
    • Fleet cars
    • Cars that are not registered
    • Insurance write-offs
    • Cars damaged in floods, fire, or hail
    • Junk cars
    • Scrap cars

    Whatever condition of the vehicle you have, you can scrap your car  in gold coast with a FREE car removal service.

    Sell Car For Cash Gold Coast

    Brands Of Cars We Buy

    Get quick cash for your vehicles, whether cars, vans, busses, Utes, 4wd, or commercial vehicles.

    To sell us your vehicles, fill our obligation-free quote form today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Costs associated with transferring a vehicle or license plate Cost?

    A $30.45 fee is assessed when a vehicle registration is transferred. One hundred and ten dollars and forty-five cents is the cost to change ownership of a personalized license plate

    Who pays for car change of ownership?

    The buyer pays for the car’s change of ownership. The seller must provide a notice of disposal (NOD) to prove that they are no longer the vehicle’s registered owner, and the buyer must file a transfer of registration form to the DMV. You, the buyer, can avoid paying a late transfer fee if you complete the transfer of registration within 14 days after the acquisition.